Wind Guide You
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lotr alphabet -> Théoden

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reblog if u feel spiritually connected with ur icon

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Skyrim places ;

Shadowgreen Cavern

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D  E  F  Y  O  R  D  E  R •        [x]

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What are you doing? …Killing monsters.

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My Top 10 Favorite Video Game Characters: Damon Baird

"Am I the only one who can feel the crosshairs just about here? "

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Ivarstead is a small community located far west from Shor’s Stone and north-west from Riften. It serves as a rest stop for pilgrims before they make the journey up the Seven Thousand Steps to High Hrothgar. Ivarstead is roughly halfway between Riften and Whiterun. It is still within The Rift  and is therefore governed by Riften. It is, in fact the only town in Skyrim which is not along a major road travelling between two Hold capitals. (x)

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